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Informal Arrangements Need Full Agreement

Posted on Jun 16, 2014 in Credit, Creditor Negotiation, Debt |

One of the options in dealing with a debt crisis is an informal arrangement. This is essentially reorganizing the debts that you have with the creditors you owe the money to. We’re not talking here about a consolidation loan. That’s different because you end up with only one creditor if can consolidate your debts. An informal arrangement involves renegotiating the debts you have with the creditors themselves. You still end up with the same...

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What Are the Alternatives in Coping With a Debt Crisis?

Posted on Jun 16, 2014 in Credit, Creditor Negotiation, Debt, Debt Counseling |

No one wants to go bankrupt. It is the last resort when faced with insurmountable financial problems. But even if your payments are in arrears and you are getting collection calls, there are other options besides a bankruptcy, which we at Richard Killen & Associates are glad to explain. These include: Getting a Consolidation Loan If you can qualify for a consolidation loan, you can bundle all your debts into a single package and make a...

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