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What Happens to My Retirement?

Posted on Jun 30, 2014 in Credit, Credit Rating, Debt |

Hi. I’m Richard Killen from Richard Killen & Associates. Just because you’re retired or approaching retirement doesn’t mean you can’t run into credit or debt problems. If that comes about, one of the concerns you may have is what will happen to your retirement savings and your pension? Well, generally speaking, you have nothing to worry about. Though the legal process can get a little complicated, for the most part nothing will happen to...

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Pre-Retirement Canadians Embrace Mortgage Debt

Posted on Jun 17, 2014 in Debt, Debt Counseling, Finances, Financial Advice |

People looking forward to retirement usually try to retire their debts first, especially their mortgages, so they can enjoy their leisure without financial worries. But a story in the Globe and Mail reveals that more and more Canadians are going into their golden years with a substantial financial burden. “Pre-retirement Canadians in the their 50s are taking on an alarming amount of debt and are most at risk of bankruptcy,” says April Dunn,...

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