In this video, Richard Killen, a Toronto Licensed Insolvency Trustee answers the question most homeowners ask, which is “Will I lose my home if I go bankrupt or do a consumer proposal?”

Because you may have debt problems, you may be concerned with losing your home and most people figure that “if they go bankrupt they are never going to keep their house.”  And for most people, that is a very traumatic thought, however, it can be avoided.

I found that over the last 10 years, very few people who own a home with equity have to lose the home if they don’t want to. They can find a way to keep it. The only way to keep it is to deal with the matter of equity. The trustee is responsible for obtaining the equity from the property in order to pass the money along to the unsecured creditors. They have the right to their money.

Therefore, if a person or family wants to keep their home, they’re going to need to arrange for financing or to pay the creditors. Of course, it depends on how much equity there is in the home. If you really want to keep your home, generally you can. You can keep it whether it’s a bankruptcy or proposal. In fact, if it’s a consumer proposal your home equity is not up for grabs. This really only applies to a homeowner declaring personal bankruptcy.

If you are a homeowner and considering a debt solution, I encourage you to call our office. Why lose sleep wondering what will happen. Your initial meeting is free, and in that meeting, we will explain all of your options so you may make an educated decision on the best option to obtain debt relief.