Speaker Bonnie Bryan, CIRP

Bonnie Bryan, CIRP

Licensed Insolvency Trustee

For over 40 years, Bonnie has been helping individuals and businesses get on the road to financial stability. Bonnie brings a non-judgmental, knowledgeable and empathetic perspective to each situation while specializing in assessing the financial situation of the case at hand and presenting all possible options to assist debtors and creditors in negotiating mutually acceptable solutions.

Bonnie has been involved as a CAIRP (Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals) volunteer since 2003. Over the years, she has participated in walks, polar bear dips and fundraisers to support various organizations such as Autism, JDRF, Mended Hearts and Special Olympics as she has young family members who are fighting the fight each and every day.

As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, she is able to bring a caring, heartfelt approach to people in the community who are going through a really difficult time in their life. “It does my heart a world of good knowing that I am having a positive impact on the lives of others. I strongly believe in the ‘Pay it Forward’ concept wherein our treatment of others carries on and contributes to a more positive environment.”


Bonnie will adapt her talking points to the audience. She speaks to individuals going through financial challenges as well to professionals who are advisors to consumers. Points discussed include:

  1. Myths and Fears of Bankruptcy and the Insolvency Process
  2. Debt Relief options for Individuals

Bonnie’s talks can range between 15 minutes to 90 Minutes depending on your requirement.


Bonnie is available for speaking to large and small groups in the Greater Toronto Area. Most of her presentations are geared towards consumers. She is also available for interviews, online interviews and webinars.


Bonnie is available as a guest speaker and there is no fee for most engagements in the Greater Toronto Area.

To book Bonnie for an event or interview, please call (416) 285-9511 or complete the form below.

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