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Are We Going to be Homeless?

Are We Going to be HomelessHi. I’m Richard Killen from Richard Killen & Associates. Richard Killen has offices across the GTA. One of the most frequently asked questions I get as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee is, “If I go bankrupt or do a consumer proposal, will I lose my home?

Well, probably not. Sounds evasive, doesn’t it? But it isn’t really. A bankruptcy or a consumer proposal is a legal process, so there are no guarantees. But my experience is if they want to most people keep their homes in a bankruptcy or proposal.

The problem is, people hear so many misleading things out there that they shy away from consulting a trustee like Richard Killen & AssociatesThey shouldn’t, because a trustee is the only one who can tell them what will happen in their specific case.

So call Richard Killen & Associates today for a free consultation at our office nearest you, 888-545-5365, or visit us online at killen.ca. It may be the most stress-relieving call you ever make.

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Since 1992, Richard Killen & Associates, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, have helped thousands of people resolve their financial problems. With 25 years experience in this industry, our president, Richard Killen, and the rest of our team understand the difficulties that honest people can sometimes find themselves in. This expertise makes it possible to provide you with a service that effectively deals with the issues.

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