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How Do I Stop Wage Garnishment?

How Do I Stop Wage GarnishmentWage garnishments pack a double whammy. Not only do you lose control of your finances, you have the embarrassment of your employer knowing that you are suffering money troubles. So how do you keep your salary in your hands?

Wage garnishment is a legal proceeding set in motion by creditors, including collection agencies, credit card companies, payday loan lenders and the Canada Revenue Agency. Fortunately, except for the government agency (which can garnishee your wages without a court order), the creditors must take you to court and sue you to obtain a garnishment order.

Once they have the right to do it, a garnishee can take from 20% up to 30% of your gross wages. If you’re self employed they might seize all of your receivables. Ouch! To stop this cold, or prevent it from happening in the first place, you best act quickly.

You’ll be happy to know that you actually have more than one option to stop it, not just a bankruptcy. But only a trustee like Richard Killen & Associates Ltd. can explain it all to you and make it happen.

One option is for the Richard Killen & Associates to negotiate a consumer proposal for you with your creditors. Even just making the official offer will stop all other legal actions related to your debts, including wage garnishment – immediately. Then, if they accept your proposal offer it would consolidate all your previous monthly payments into just one – to the trustee – one monthly payment that you can afford.

On the other hand, if necessary, you can file a bankruptcy which will stop all wage garnishments, whether the creditor likes it or not.There is one exception to this. A garnishee for child support will not be stopped.

Notice in the previous paragraph I said “if necessary”. Nobody wants to go bankrupt, but sometimes it’s the only responsible and necessary thing to do. The important thing is that it works at every level.

Being garnisheed is, at the very least, unpleasant, but for most people it makes it very hard or even impossible to live a normal life. It will come as no surprise when I say that a garnishee or threat of a garnishee is one of the main reasons people come to see us. They just have to do something to stop it and thank goodness Richard Killen & Associates can do that.

So, if you need to stop your payday devastation, contact Richard Killen & Associates today for a free consultation and get the results you need. Remember, it may be the most stress-relieving call you ever make.

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