Speaker Michele Meitz

Michele Meitz

VP, Senior Estate Manager, Licensed Insolvency Counsellor

With over 25 years experience in the insolvency field, Michele knows a thing or two about debt solutions in Toronto. Always with a positive attitude, she has assisted many individuals on their road to debt relief. She has a passion for helping people with serious debt problems and understands that no one sets out to get in debt. Sometimes the problem is poor choices and other times life just throws them a few curves. Her mission is to help them understand their options and put in place solutions that will offer them debt relief and a plan to avoid financial problems in future.

Michele offers seminars and speaking engagements to answer questions about bankruptcy and to discuss a variety of debt relief options for consumers such as debt counselling, consumer proposals and bankruptcies. She also presents to professional groups on how they can identify and help their clientele with debt problems.

She can bring a warmth and positive vibe to a topic that few can. She is definitely a glass is half full type of presenter.


Michele can adapt her talking points to your audience. She speaks to individuals going through financial challenges as well to professionals who are advisors to consumers. Points discussed include:

  1. A Practical Understanding of Canadian Insolvency Legislation
  2. Consumer Lending Practices
  3. Credit Education and Counselling
  4. The Human Side of Insolvency
  5. What Advisors Should Know About Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals

Talks and seminars can range between 15 minutes to 90 Minutes depending on your requirement.


Michele is available for speaking to large and small groups in the Greater Toronto Area. Presentations can be focused towards consumers, professionals or organizations. She is also available for interviews, online interviews and webinars.


Michele is available as a guest speaker and there is no fee for most engagements in the Greater Toronto Area.

To book Michele for an event or interview, please call (416) 285-9511 or complete the form below.

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