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How to Lower Your Heating Costs

Posted on Dec 5, 2014 in Budgeting, Expenses, Finances |

As the cold weather descends, Canadians are faced with their annual challenge of how to stay warm without breaking the bank – especially as the cost to heat homes rises. To lessen the damage to household budgets caused by high fuel costs, here are five common-sense steps you can take: 1. Turn Down the Heat By setting your thermostat to 20 degrees, you may be able to reduce your heating bill by 5 to 10%. If it seems chilly, wear a sweater and...

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Scared to Death of Taxes

Posted on Jun 30, 2014 in Bankruptcy, Debt, Expenses, Finances |

Death and taxes are inevitable. For some they are the same thing. Fear of the tax man may be justified. As a creditor he has super collection powers that ensure that most people don’t have a smile on their face when they receive a notice from the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). Among the things the agency can do are charge penalties and interest on all overdue accounts, withhold child tax credits and GST credits, and garnishee your bank...

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