Dear Mr. Richard Killen & Associates,
We are grateful that your pressure over the past year and a half never got out of control.
Thank you for that and being there for us.
Still hurting bad, work has evaded us, but we are still hopeful of self-employment ahead, our government allowing Ontario’s debt and people to co-exist.
We still feel like victims shut out by guidelines that make sure we suffer for a long time.
We have no credibility.
You and your staff, Mr. Killen, have always been courteous and made us welcome.
Yours truly

Richard & Michele,
You both helped me through a very difficult time in my life.
I can’t thank you enough.

May Yahweh God bless you for the wonderful work you do.
You have saved my life!
Love & Prayer

Dear Mr. Killen,
Dealing with you was a great pleasure.
It was a very informative and constructive conversation.
Your input was appreciated and gave me a lot to think about.
Thank you again for your consideration.

Dear Richard & Associates
Just a quick note to thank you for helping me through a difficult time.
You allowed me to feel like a contributing member of society even though I was bankrupt, thank you.
And because of that I have a new car and a loan, more importantly one that I have the financial means and know how to pay off.
This too is thank to you and your staff.
I now know how to better manage my money to do and afford the things that I want.
Thank you

Hi Bonnie,
Just want to say thank you and the staff for all your help.
Life is so much better now.
Thank you

Dear Richard,
It’s been a year since I came into your office.
I’m truly grateful for the kindness you’ve shown me.
You’re one of the decent guys.
Thank you Richard

Dear Richard,
I would sincerely like to thank you for your compassion and understanding during my initial contact with you.
Thank you Richard, I sincerely appreciate your kindness.

WOW! Sending much love and a big Thank You to all staff of Killen Associates for your love, understanding and continued support. I truly like this new feeling I have in my mind and heart. God bless you all.

Mr. Killen and Miss Linda and everyone else hope you enjoyed  The Merriest of Christmases and wishes for you that 2018 is the best year EVER!

Thank you all for your assistance over the past couple of years.  You made my life and circumstances more bearable.

Dear Mr. Killen,
I went to see Mrs. Mendelson last week for my credit councelling appointment.
I must tell you, she is an absolutely delightful and refreshing person.
Both you and Mrs. Mendelson have been so helpful and understanding with me.
I really appreciate the time you have taken with me.
Thank you very much.

Dear Richard,
I would like to thank you and your staff for walking me through a very tough time.
Yours truly

Happy Christmas to you and all of the stellar staff at Killen and Associates. It was the most stress-relieving call I’ve made and everyone was so very kind.

Wishing you all time spent in the company of those you love over the Christmas Season and a Healthy and Happy New Year!

Richard & Staff,
Thank you very much to all of you.
Your kindness and understanding during this very difficult and stressful time was greatly appreciated.
You all deserve a medal.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all your help and patience in dealing with us.
You have improved our quality of life to heights that we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish alone.
With a new beginning, it seems like a lifetime since we have been so relaxed and able to concentrate on the future.
Thank you

Dear Rose: 

Many thanks!

And please give my best wishes to both Bonnie and Richard.  Your professionalism, together with the understanding and compassion that all of you extended to me during this emotionally-difficult process will always be very much appreciated.  You are all *very* good at your jobs!  🙂


Mr. Killen,
I wish to acknowledge your personal help to me during the traumatic experience I found myself going through.
Certainly your professionalism and that of your staff will remain with me.
Thank you for your encouragement to me, that I may remain positive.

Dear Richard,
I’m wanting to thank you and all your staff for your support and understanding throughout last year, your office was my saviour!
So I wish you all nothing but “Best Wishes”.
This is a small step, a small show of works, at this café.

Dear Michele,
You are an extraordinary person. Your reason of understanding is beyond me.
I keep wondering if you’re in the right profession, and that you should have been a nurse or doctor!
Thank you very much for understanding and most of all trusting me to keep my word.
Thank you again for not making me feel like a “criminal”, for treating me like a “person”.
You are a very special person.
Not too many people take time out these days to listen and understand other people’s problems.

Dear Mr. Killen,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for their understanding of my situation when I first approached your office, and also I could not believe the kindness and courtesy shown to me throughout my ordeal.
It is not very often in this day and age that you come upon people such as yourself and your staff who make you feel comfortable in a situation like this, rather than what I expected to feel, uncomfortable.
Thank you once again for helping me through a bad situation.
Yours very truly

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