At Richard Killen & Associates Ltd. we care about the world we live in. Yes, our main function is to help people who find themselves in a financial or debt hole from which they are having a hard time climbing out. Because of the nature of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada), a Federal law, we can do this very effectively. It’s very satisfying to be able to help those who need that kind of help.

But we try not stop there. We try to be involved both on a corporate and a personal level. From encouraging youth by sponsoring athletic teams to supporting programs such as the Terry Fox Run, which has tried very hard to make a difference in the fight against that nastiest of modern medical challenges: cancer – something that touches most of us personally. Terry set us all a very good example.


Our people are involved with their religious and social communities in many ways with both financial and time commitments, things for which these communities are justly famous. One of the most difficult things to give to others is our time. We try to do that.

We also try to support our local community in local initiatives and programs which will have the effect of bringing a sense of that community to the forefront of peoples thinking.

But mainly, as a responsible corporate citizen, we try to participate positively in the communities in which we reside in the hope that it helps all the members of those communities in ways beyond our principal business of debt relief.