Speaker Sean Killen

Sean Killen

Senior Estate Manager, Licensed Insolvency Counsellor

Sean has over 10 years of experience in the insolvency field and helping individuals providing services like financial debt counselling. He has assisted countless individuals in the Toronto Area (GTA) to review their options for debt relief including consumer proposals and personal bankruptcy. He is a firm believer in educating individuals on all the options available to them, not just some. Passionate about helping consumers get a fresh start from a financial point of view. He believes that good people just find themselves in bad situations and are looking to do right with their creditors while getting the debt relief they have a right to and deserve.

Sean provides presentations and seminars to both consumers, professional groups and organizations. To consumers, his talks focus on how people get into financial crisis, the various options available and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Debt is just a temporary situation and the sooner you can get out of the debt, the sooner you can be happier and more fulfilled.

To organizations and professionals, he focuses on how they can identify clientele (consumers) either in or close to a financial crisis. He also guides professionals on how to approach the subject and the options that are available.


Sean adapts his talking points based on the audience to whom he is speaking. Topics include:

  1. A Practical Understanding of Canadian Insolvency Legislation
  2. Consumer Lending Practices
  3. Credit Education and Counselling
  4. The Human Side of Insolvency
  5. What Advisors Should Know About Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals

His talks can range between 15 minutes to 90 Minutes depending on your requirement.


Sean is available for speaking to large and small groups in the Greater Toronto Area. He presents to consumers, organizations and events hosted by lawyers, accountants and financial advisors. He is also available for interviews, online interviews and webinars.


Sean is available as a guest speaker and there is no fee for most engagements in the Greater Toronto Area.

To book Sean for an event or interview, please call (416) 285-9511 or complete the form below.

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