We Can Help!

If you are concerned about a client with serious debt problems, we can help!

As Licensed Insolvency Trustees we work with accountants, bookkeepers, financial planners, mortgage professionals, lawyers, business coaches and other financial professionals to help them help their clients with financial problems.

We offer confidential advice and services in the areas of debt relief solutions such as bankruptcy, consumer proposals and debt counselling.

You and your client will be pleased to know that most financial troubles can be resolved without your client filing for bankruptcy.  This includes income tax debt, HST debt, credit card debt, medical bills, student debt and most unsecured loans.

What may seem like a financial nightmare for your client can often be resolved at a fraction of the outstanding debt owed. Get the facts and talk to one of our trustees.

Here are some of the ways we work with financial professionals:

  • Provide you with assistance to help you help your clients with debt problems.
  • We can provide you with content (Blogs and videos) and for your blog or newsletter on a variety of topics such as “how to get out of debt”, “How to save on groceries, How to entertain the kids for almost no money, and many more topics. See some examples on our blog. We can also provide totally unique content.
  • We can share your content (articles/videos) with our community.
  • We can work together on seminars and webinars

If you are interested in working together on any of the above, I invite you to enter your contact information and we will contact you.

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    About Richard Killen & Associates

    Since 1992, Richard Killen & Associates, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, have helped thousands of people resolve their financial problems. With 25 years experience in this industry, our president, Richard Killen, and the rest of our team understand the difficulties that honest people can sometimes find themselves in. This expertise makes it possible to provide you with a service that effectively deals with the issues.

    Serving the GTA for 25 years