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Do you need a company experienced in debt and credit counselling in Toronto to be on your side? Help to reduce your interest and principal? Look no further. The Toronto office of Richard Killen & Associates is here to help.

The first step is in understanding your current financial situation. Who do you owe money to? How much? How far behind are you in payments? Is your debt secured or unsecured?

Certainly you can negotiate with the creditors on your own, you can call or meet with them, write letters to each of them and offer a payment plan then manage that plan. It sounds simple but it can be a little complicated…perhaps a creditor has the right to garnishee your wages, or they have a negative listing about you on your credit score…and one letter to your creditor won’t cover everything.

If your original loan was secured, then your creditor has the right to call you and send letters to you even during the negotiation. They can sue you for breach of contract. They can put a claim against your bank accounts and garnish your wages. You may have already experienced lots of communication with your creditor before you consider creditor negotiation. And during the negotiation phase, there will be lots more communication back and forth with creditors and often with the credit bureau…and it can become very time consuming and very stressful.

So why not let a bankruptcy expert act on your behalf? Seasoned pros at this type of creditor negotiation know how to get the best deal for you and keep your creditors happy too! It’s all about working with your creditors to come to a solution that works for both of you. And it will be a lot less stressful for you.

Once a negotiation is put in place, it is up to you to honour that plan and make the necessary payments. If you break the agreement, whatever the reason, your credibility is lost and your credit score will suffer. But if you make the payments and clear the debt according to the terms in the creditor negotiation, you’ll see your debt will show as paid in full.

Consider dropping into our Toronto office to talk to one of our experts – we are a Licensed Insolvency Trustee in bankruptcy Ontario. We’ll explain the process to you. And the initial consultation is free. We want to help you work with your creditors so they can be paid and you can manage financially.

We’re at Danforth & Main office in Toronto just off the Main Street subway stop on the East/West Danforth line. We share space with a well-known legal firm, Elizabeth Webster, serving the community since 1941.

Call us at 1-888-545-5365 or drop by our offices at 2600 Danforth Avenue, M4C 1L3

For creditor negotiation in Toronto, Richard Killen & Associates Toronto could be the most stress relieving call you’ll ever make.

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