How To Rewrite Reality and Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs

Posted on: May 20, 2020

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In this video Richard Killen talks with Shiraz about how to rewrite your reality.

Shiraz believes in the premise that our beliefs create our realities and he helps people to destroy their limiting beliefs. He is the author of the book “How to Rewrite Reality” and hosts the Energetic Magic radio show.

Shiraz- How To Rewrite Reality and Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs



Richard Welcome to The Glass Is Half Full talk show. Let’s face it, life can be tough in many ways. Here on The Glass Is Half Full, we focus on how life is tough financially. Dealing with these financial realities can be a challenge. Essentially, we have to find ways to do more with less, less money, that is. The show is focused on helping you discover ways to achieve that goal, even if you don’t have a lot of money to work with. We’ll be meeting people from many different walks of life. They’ll share their stories and expertise, looking to do more with less and maintain a positive attitude while you’re doing it. Welcome to The Glass Is Half Full. Now let’s join Richard and his guests in the studio.

Hi, I’m Richard Killen, welcome to another episode of The Glass Is Half Full, the show that tries to give you some ideas of how you can get a better bang for your buck, no matter how limited that buck might be. Today my guest today is Shiraz, founder of Energetic Magic. Shiraz is a life coach and energy facilitator. I’m reading this Shiraz, so I don’t miss it. Who believes strongly in the premise that our beliefs create our reality, not the other way around. He helps people destroy their limiting beliefs, thereby moving to a more positive reality. Welcome to The Glass Is Half Full, Shiraz.

Shiraz Thank you. Thanks for having me.
Richard Our pleasure. I’m interested in finding out about this is, I believe that everybody out there will be too. Shiraz is the author of a book called How to Rewrite Reality and hosts The Energetic Magic radio show every Tuesday. So, Shiraz, I understand that the biggest lesson that life has taught you is that beliefs create reality. Your beliefs create reality.
Shiraz Yes.
Richard Not the other way around. And in accepting this premise you could get to a place where you can start actually changing your beliefs so that you can actually make a positive change over your reality to a positive situation. However, you haven’t always understood about this and believe in this right? You, the young adult, I think, you underwent some kind of epiphany or something through that sent you on this journey. Can you tell us how this happened?
Shiraz I don’t think the epiphany was at it, as a young adult, but the problem started as a young adult. At 22 years old, I got rheumatoid arthritis.
Richard Really?
Shiraz And it was severe. I ended up being bedridden most of the time and lots of pain, all the joints inflamed and deteriorating. And we tried different things. But the problem just persisted, would sometimes go into remission, then come back full-blown. Finally, after years going through this, I had a discussion with my dad and I said, I’ve had enough. Something has to change. And he recommended this program called Combined Therapy that was being done over in India. And he said they’ve had success with various illnesses, not just arthritis. Okay, so next thing I know, I’m on a plane. I’m going to India. I went to this place where they’re doing it and because it was in India and my father was a spiritual kind of person. I expected some guy to be doing this heal kind of thing on me and ended up talking to this guy for two weeks, and he went through my entire life story and it felt like I was with the psychiatrist, except he wasn’t trying to solve any issues. He was just gathering all this information, and finally, he said, OK, so here’s the problem. You feel you’re responsible for everyone in your life. I’m like, No, I don’t, and he said. Yeah, you do. From the stories you’ve told me and the stuff that’s happened in your life, you feel you’re responsible for everyone and you may not feel it consciously, but it’s there on a subconscious level. I said Okay, and I said So let’s say that’s true. What does that have to do with arthritis? And he said, Well, you don’t want to be responsible for everyone, I’m like, obviously. He said, so if you’re lying in bed and pain, you don’t have to be responsible. It’s a solution for a problem you don’t know you have. And I’m like, that’s crazy. But that’s what chronic illness is. It’s a solution for a problem, people don’t realize they have. I’m like, Okay, so then all I have to do is say I’m not going to be responsible for anyone but me and this should all go away? He said Yeah. Okay, I’m not going to be responsible for anyone but me. Of course, nothing happened. But then I woke up the next morning in the arthritis was gone. And like, when I got up it was just crazy because I was just moving my hands, I’m checking my joints. There’s no pain, everything’s fine. And I’m like, what just happened?
Richard They didn’t inject you with anything while you slept?
Shiraz No. So and that’s when I got to that point that, wow, your beliefs do really create the reality. And I started seeing this with other people and I started playing with it. There was one time I had, I got a notice from CRA, you owe $40,000 in back taxes.
Richard I’ve seen those notices.
Shiraz Yeah, so you know how that just “Ah”. And for three weeks, I was trying to fix it physically, going to my accountant, talk to financial advisors, and they’re all telling you I’m basically screwed. And then finally I thought, Well, wait a second, it’s all around beliefs. So let me look into the belief of why I have this debt. And I managed to shift the belief. And then after I had that epiphany shift with belief, I went over to see my accountant. And I’m like, Okay, let’s get this solved. And he goes, We’ve been talking about this, we can’t get it solved and but deep down I know I’ve changed the belief. I know it’s about to shift, and he looked at me goes, Why are you smiling? This is a serious matter. You owe $40,000. And then it was just like the awareness hit him. Oh, my God. If we file this form, we’ve got a paper trail for this. And he started going into all this accounting jargon, and he goes, So if we do that, then you’ll have to pay $500 late filing fee. But you want to pay the $40,000? Are you okay with that? Yeah. Thank you. And so with just 10 minutes, it just went away.
Richard You know how many of my customers would like to have that same accountant?
Shiraz He’s actually a really good accountant,
Richard If not, the beliefs. Yeah, that’s amazing.
Shiraz And so then I found out this applies to your health. This applies to your income, this applies to your career, this applies to your relationships. And it’s once you find out what that belief is, which is usually not what you think it is. And you change that belief. Reality just changes around you.
Richard And the glass becomes half full.
Shiraz Yes, actually becomes full.
Richard I meant without adding any water.
Shiraz That works, too.
Richard How do we change our subconscious?
Shiraz You look at the results. All right, so if there’s a problem that is not getting fixed at a subconscious level, you want that problem. And there are all sorts of reasons for it. For instance, let’s say you’re living paycheck to paycheck, and it’s a struggle to you don’t know if you’re going to be able to pay the rent with the next paycheck. You don’t know if the next paycheck is going to last the whole month. Now here’s the hard part. At some level, you’re getting a benefit out of that, and you have to figure out what the benefits are for living paycheck to paycheck. And I’ve gone through this with many clients and some of the reasons they’re just incredible. So one of my clients, her daughter, whenever there was extra money, her daughter would spend the money. She would just go on the spending spree. And so at a subconscious level, she figured, if I minimize the amount of money we have, then I minimize how much my daughter spends. So that’s what caused her to live paycheck to paycheck. Another one was…
Richard That’s not necessarily a subconscious level excuse, actually.
Shiraz And well, it can happen.
Richard I’ve had people explain that one to me. Okay, Okay. But I get it. Yeah, normally, it might be subconscious.
Shiraz Another one is if people are asking you to do things you don’t want to do, I can’t afford it, right. That’s a wonderful excuse to have. And the only way to make sure that you’re not lying about it is to make sure it’s true. And this is a thing. The subconscious works to make things as true and as comfortable for you at that level. But it feels horrible at a conscious level.
Richard But how do you find out what that is? Because it’s easy enough for a therapist or anybody to identify these things from the outside looking in?
Shiraz Yes.
Richard It’s when you’re looking from the inside, it’s very difficult to see.
Shiraz You have to get into introspective. You basically have to ask, Okay, I know I hate the situation, but what are the benefits of being in the situation? And see what starts to pop up into your mind. When I’m working with my clients, that’s one of the questions I ask them. And then they start coming up, Oh, I get to do this, or Oh, I don’t have to do this. And that reason can be more powerful than having money.
Richard So the secret really is to ask yourself the positive reason why this negative thing is happening.
Shiraz And one of the biggest ones is being right. People love to be right, and people will choose being right over being wealthy, over being healthy, over being in a wonderful relationship, because being right feels so good. And whenever you’re right, you actually get a hit of dopamine in your brain so you can build the dopamine addiction on being right. And you just have to look around to see how people function that way. How many times when, even if the person knows they’re wrong, but they just want to win the argument and somehow get some sort of being right in there? They just keep going.
Richard What do people learn in your program about the energy of money?
Shiraz They learn to, well, it’s called the aligning to the energy of money. They learn to align to it, they learn that money isn’t a bad thing, which is been ingrained in a lot of people. We hear phrases like money is the root of all evil. Right?
Richard Money can’t buy happiness.
Shiraz Money, can’t buy happiness. Rich people are evil.
Richard But you enjoy being unhappy more.
Shiraz And if you and this is another way to find out that if you’re living in these beliefs is what cliches come out of your mouth, the things you’re saying even if you think you’re just using a cliche that subconscious programming or else it wouldn’t come out of your mouth. And so, we get into these…
Richard Most cliches are.
Shiraz And so you end up saying things and you just have to watch some of the things that come out, because one of the cliches that I will never use except in an example is, you’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t. I think if that’s coming out, what kind of a life are you creating for yourself?
Richard Something called a Catch 22?
Shiraz Yeah, and with money, when you start to shift into better money beliefs and get out of the negative money beliefs, then your life starts to change and money starts showing up. And in the classes I do, like Aligning the Energy of Money, it’s not just teaching you how to work with money, in the class I work directly on the participants changing their beliefs in that class, so they come out different. The first time I ran that class, one of the girls called me, it was two days after the class and she said I got a 10% raise at work because I didn’t know we could get 10% raises at work. And I said, Cool, What else can you get? What do you mean, I just got 10%? I said No, you’re in that energy now, go get another raise. I just got a raise and I said, You can believe that you’re stuck at that point or you can believe you can keep going. It’s up to you. And she was happy, she was in the zone. She’s like, Okay, let’s just do this. Two weeks later she calls me, she goes I got another raise. And, then six months later, she called me, I got another raise and it just went from there. It was just amazing for her, but she started playing with it.
Richard You also say that 8% of the time, our problems are not even about money.
Shiraz Yep.
Richard Can you expand on that?
Shiraz Similar to what I said with the girl, well, that was kind of money with the girl, her daughter spending money. But one of the most profound ones I had, and I believe this is in the book, a woman came to me she was making, she had been making $250,000 a year in her business, and now she was down to $30,000 and she couldn’t figure out what was going on. I know how to run a business. I know what’s going on, like what’s going on financially, but I don’t know what’s happening with the money, where the clients are going, just it’s crazy and one of the things I do when I work with people, as I could really just sort of tune in to what’s going on inside them. And when she was talking, just the phrase “rich bitch” came up over and over again. So I asked her. I said, What’s wrong with being a rich bitch? And she said, her jaw dropped, the color drained from her face, Because that’s what my friends always used to call me. I said, So what happened is you made a subconscious decision. I’m never going to be called a rich bitch again and your subconscious looked at it, said, Well, I can’t do anything about the bitch part, people are going to have their opinions, but I can do something about the rich part. So in order not to be called a rich bitch she lowered her income to where she felt it was comfortable, and no one would ever say that to her. And this is, it’s like it’s all about that relationship. And it’s our relationships with our families, and it’s our relationships with our friends. It’s how we want to be seen by the world.
Richard It’s all about understanding the underlying reasons why whatever’s happening to us, is happening. And in terms of what our contribution is.
Shiraz Yes.
Richard Interesting. The book you wrote, what’s it called again, How To Rewrite Reality?
Shiraz Yes.
Richard What prompted you to write, or was there anything specific?
Shiraz There were a few things. I wanted to get a book out there, and I also, I go through the same sort of talk with people when I start working with them over and over and over again, and it’s easier for me to look read this first, and then we’ll start working together so I don’t have to go through all this. And it isn’t actually even what I expected to write, because I started writing it and I came up with, I’ve always talked about things in terms of stories and what story you’re stuck in, whose story are you believing and trapped in? And the whole book turned into a metaphor of stories. So we talk about your backstory, we talk about your genre, we talk about your character archetype, dealing with plot holes, driving the narrative. These are all the chapters in the book, so it makes it so simple. So it’s kind of a practical kind of a spiritual book. But because of the metaphor, everyone can relate to stories. The book becomes completely relatable.
Richard So in a sense, it’s a bit of an introduction to what you do.
Shiraz It’s an introduction, but it also, people have read the book, and it’s only been out a month and I’ve already been getting calls and emails from people saying that their life is changing as a result of reading the book because they look at the world a different way now.
Richard A big change from the get-go, basically. Okay, how do we get this book?
Shiraz You can get it on Amazon. And if, I always bring copies to any of my events, so if you come out to one of my events, you’ll be able to buy a book.
Richard I understand you brought some here.
Shiraz I did. And I left them in the car.
Richard I do it all the time, too. It’s a good thing Barb brings these for me here. You have various programs and it’s not just one type of thing that you do? Maybe it’s just one type of thing, it just isn’t one application? You have a wide range of pricing on this thing.
Shiraz Yes.
Richard You go from $0 to $6,000.
Shiraz I do.
Richard Can you explain that? Other than wanting to make it available to everybody,
Shiraz But that is it. I have a free monthly call the last Tuesday of every month online. You just log in and I work on as many people as I can and because I want to be accessible to everyone, these are tools that everyone should use and they’re available for everyone on YouTube. You can get those free monthly calls are actually audio recorded. And so I found that if I offered all my programs for, say, $50. People will come in and they’ll create $50 worth of change for themselves. But the people that come in for the $6000 program create $6000 or more. At that point, they’re ready to say, I’m paying $6000 but I’m expecting $100,000 or a $1,000,000 worth of change. So that’s how it works. But until you get past that initial part where first of all you’re, if it’s a money thing, you’re in lax, I can only go to the small programs. You get those beliefs moved, shifted, so how you can go to the bigger programs, and then it just amplifies. But my recommendation, if you’re listening to any of my videos or coming out to my workshops, it’s the same energy. The thing that shifts is you. So if you can get into a state that I’m going to one of Shiraz’s $10 workshops, but I’m going to get a $1,000,000 worth of value out of it, that can happen, and that has happened for people. But most people, they automatically associate $10, ten dollars worth of change.
Richard So in a sense, they’re letting reality, dictate their belief.
Shiraz Exactly.
Richard But when you get them, you change that?
Shiraz I don’t change them. I facilitate their change. And this is what a lot of people don’t get. Some people come to me, it’s like, please help me, please help me. And I will say, no to those people because I’m not trying to save anyone. The people I want to work with are the people that say, I’m sick of this, I need to change. Can you help me to change, as opposed to, can you save me from this life I’m in? And those people that are in that space, that I am going to change, I’m just asking you to help me along. Those are the ones that get the big change.
Richard We have a lot in common with that. In my business people come to me with major, most of the time, major financial problems, debt problems. And I think they come in very much what you’re describing it and that I will solve their problem for them when in fact, I spent some time explaining this to people, No, I don’t. I just provide you with the tools, you know, the understanding if you want to. That allows you, empowers you to solve your own problem. And when they finally get that, actually, I think they re definitely take the, not just the immediate step that needs to be taken to solve the debt problem itself because that’s easy, that’s a legal technical process, really. It’s what goes on inside them and how they walk out the other end of the process is finished, and, it’s over. Beliefs changing reality, actually not changing reality in that case, giving them the reality that they didn’t realize they were seeking. The thing you’re doing is in a sense, it’s very easily understood, readily understood. It’s using words that, well, everybody can understand. Buying into it is a different thing completely. And then this year, seeing every day, I’m sure, but if there’s one thing that you can tell everybody about what you do about this whole thing, one message if you want, what would it be?
Shiraz It’s really about resistance. The less resistance you have to creating something, the easier and the faster it gets created. But most people don’t get how resistance works. So, if you look at it that you’re here, and this is the best possible outcome, and this is the worst possible outcome, most people say, Okay, you know what, I’m willing to have anything along the scale all the way to here, but I’m only willing to go about this far. And the thing about resistance is it, this is like duality, this is bad, this is good, this is bad. It doesn’t actually exist. So if you’re only willing to go this far in the bad stuff, you’re creating enough resistance, you’re only going to get this for in the good stuff. And when you get that and you say Okay, you know what, I’m willing to go through a whole bunch of crap in order to get the wonderful stuff. The willingness is what’s important. So when you’re willing to go both ways, you tend to get what’s over here because the resistance disappears. And I found this out myself because there was a point in my life where I was, you know, I was happily doing a six-figure lifestyle for most of my life. And then I said, You know what, I want to go to seven figures. So I started watching movies like, The Secret, learning stuff from Bob Proctor, doing all these things and thinking, Okay, now my income’s going to go seven figures. But the anxiety kept building, so I know what that feeling is like. But it was at that point where I’ve done that last payment, there’s nothing left, there’s no room left, there’s no money coming in. And I said, You know what? There’s nothing I could do right now, right? Whatever happens, happens. And I just let all that stress could I let all the resistance go? And I didn’t, like, crawl up into a ball and just like, you know what, we’ll just see what happens. And it just felt so much easier. And as soon as I did, that money started coming in again. And it was such a profound lesson to me that when you get into that place, just relax and get into more of it’s all going to work out. I don’t know how, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but it’s going to work out. Then it does. It’s crazy.

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