Toronto Debt Consolidation Loans for Debt Relief


Many people who live in Toronto consider debt consolidation loans as a means to get some debt relief. In essence you are taking your debt from various credit cards and other high interest loans and combining them into one loan and one monthly payment that is usually at a substantially lower interest rate.

A scenario could look like this.

Pre- consolidation Monthly Payments.
Description         Minimum Monthly Payment          Interest Rate
Credit Card 1      $500                                                   28%
Credit Card 2      $400                                                   21%
Credit Card 2      $300                                                   19%
Total                     $1,200

New Debt Consolidation Loan Example
Description         Monthly Payment             Interest Rate
Loan                     $700                                                   8%

As you can see in the above example, the interest rate is substantially lower as are the monthly payments. This may all look good, what is not shown above is the amortization period. While the interest rate is lower, if the amortization period is over a long period of time, the benefit is not as clear cut. The whole idea in this scenario is to pay off your debt as quickly as possible.

The above also represents a debtor that has a good credit record. If you have been turned down for loans previously, the rate you will pay could be substantially higher. Many people that are turned down on their debt consolidation loan consider bankruptcy as an alternative. This is especially common if an individual is turned down a few times by more than one institution.

Your monthly expenses exceed your income and you are sinking further into debt with each passing month. What do you do? Who do you call?

Calling a trustee in bankruptcy is probably not on the top of everyone’s list that has gotten themselves into financial trouble, but it should be. Unlike a bank or other loan company, they make their money on loaning you money and the interest you will pay them. Their big concern is whether you are you a good risk to pay back the loan with interest.

On the other hand, a trustee is unbiased and will give you the straight goods. After reviewing your financials, they can advise you the likelihood of you being approved for a consolidation loan and at what interest rate. They will also go over other options as well like a consumer proposal or possibly bankruptcy if it makes good financial sense for you.

Talking to a bankruptcy trustee does not mean you are obligated to declare bankruptcy. If fact after your consultation, you may choose any number of options to pursue or none at all.

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