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Posted on: February 13, 2018

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Trustees Report | Richard Killen & Associates

And most often, one of the reasons why I was a little late today, I had to go to my Mississauga office to meet with a person doing a proposal, consumer proposal, and I signed the report before I left, and the main argument is quite simple, the proposal is offering a net dividend, money in your pocket kind of thing, which is going to be twice as much as anything we can foresee out of the bankruptcy, best case scenario. So whether you think that is sufficient reason to accept the terms offered, that is your business. My call is, if the proposal is offering twice as much as the bankruptcy, I see that as a better deal for you guys. Now, you may be using a very different criteria to determine what is a good deal for you. The Administrator’s opinion on that question is not anything other than an opinion. It’s the old thing, where that opinion and a dollar ninety will get me a large coffee at Tim Horton’s.

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