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If you want to apply for personal bankruptcy in Scarborough East, Pickering, or the Ajax area and require the assistance of skilled debt professionals, we are ready to be of service. You may have already gone through all your options such as consolidating your loans and are now thinking about finding another alternative to bankruptcy or throwing in the towel and filing for bankruptcy. At Richard Killen & Associates, a Bankruptcy Trustee in Pickering, it is our goal to provide you with everything you need to carefully decide on which solution will work best for your circumstances.

Filing for bankruptcy in Ontario allows you to create a fresh financial start. It will also put a stop to the irritating phone calls and menacing letters you receive because of your unpaid debt. Some people try to steer clear of bankruptcy due to its negative connotation. Then again, it may be the best solution for your situation in the long run. A chance to restart your financial life as well as begin recovering your credit score, rather than to keep on struggling month after month with no real improvement to be seen.

Communities like Pickering, Ajax, and East Scarborough are all excellent locations to live in, but the truth is that they are expensive communities to live in. If you become unable to fulfill your financial commitments and see your debt growing and growing, it’s quite clear that you must look into the debt and credit counselling Ontario services of debt professionals.

Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee in bankruptcy can supply you with a comprehensive evaluation of your financial situation and even discuss all the legal solutions and implications available to you.

Making the call to our team’s office could be among the most worry-relieving telephone calls you will make. Our team realizes the financial and emotional anxiety you are exposed to which is why we believe that immediately after the call, your anxiety level will lessen.

We can explain the solutions and options available to you. These are the options open to those in Pickering, consumer proposals, debt counseling, creditor negotiation, and individual bankruptcy.

Our offices are located at Bayly and Liverpool Road with complimentary parking. Our office address is:

Richard Killen & Associates
1410 Bayly St. Unit 6B
Pickering, ON L1W 3R3

Stop worrying about debt. A phone call to our office might be the most worry relieving call you’ll ever make.

If you’d like more information on personal bankruptcy in Pickering and Ajax or credit counseling, make sure you call our Pickering office right away at 1 (905) 420-6565.

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