What Happens to My Retirement

Hi. I’m Richard Killen from Richard Killen & Associates.
Just because you’re retired or approaching retirement doesn’t mean you can’t run into credit or debt problems.

If that comes about, one of the concerns you may have is what will happen to your retirement savings and your pension? Well, generally speaking, you have nothing to worry about. Though the legal process can get a little complicated, for the most part nothing will happen to your RRSPs, RIF, LIF, especially your government pension or company pension.

Other kinds of plans might sometimes be affected, depending on various factors. However, you don’t have to wonder or worry; you can get the facts from us, Richard Killen & Associates. That’s what we’re here for.

So call Richard Killen & Associates today for a free consultation at our office nearest you. We have offices across the GTA. 888-545-5365. Or visit us online at killen.ca. It may be the most stress-relieving call you ever make.

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