Five Ways to Rebuild Your Credit

Posted on: June 16, 2014

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Five Ways to Rebuild Your CreditYou’ve gone through a bankruptcy and you want to get your life back to normal as fast as possible. While it won’t happen automatically and you will have to be proactive about it, you can actually take steps to start repairing your credit rating right away – as soon as you’re discharged. Here are five ways to do it:

Speak to Your Bank Manager: They are a good source of information to get you started on the road to credit repair. In most cases they are also quite supportive.

  1. Start Saving: Creditors like to lend to people who don’t really need the money. So use your savings account or open one if you don’t have it. Every pay period, put in a small amount in the account, perhaps arranging for an automatic withdrawal.  Or if you were used to paying the trustee a certain amount each month during the bankruptcy process, just continue to put the same money in your savings account. By the end of the year you would have a nice balance in the account, sure to impress creditors. (This is called paying yourself.)
  2. Get a Secured Credit Card: This type of credit card is secured by a deposit account that you own. So if you can scrape together, say, $500, you can use that as a deposit with the credit card company and get a $500 limit on a new credit card. You would still have to make regular payments on it every month like a regular credit card. If you keep this card in good standing it will all count towards rebuilding your credit rating.
  3. Pay Your Bills on Time: Pay all your bills, including utilities and credit cards, promptly. Creditors like to get paid on time. Some people are under the misapprehension that if they carry a balance on their credit card from month to month then that will endear them to the credit card company and boost their rating. Not so. It just costs you money.
  4. Get a Copy of Your Credit Report: There are two main Canadian credit bureaus, Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada. This is where all your credit information is stored. You are entitled to get a copy of your credit report. Get it. You can see if there are any mistakes and correct them. You also have the option of putting in a short note that will be given out to anyone who collects a credit report on you.

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