Pre-Retirement Canadians Embrace Mortgage DebtPeople looking forward to retirement usually try to retire their debts first, especially their mortgages, so they can enjoy their leisure without financial worries. But a story in the Globe and Mail reveals that more and more Canadians are going into their golden years with a substantial financial burden.

“Pre-retirement Canadians in the their 50s are taking on an alarming amount of debt and are most at risk of bankruptcy,” says April Dunn, owner of the Red Door Mortgage Group in Vancouver, citing  a new study that examined about 7,000 insolvency filings. She reveals in the Globe interview that about half of all retired people in this country are carrying debt, “with many stuck managing two or more payments a month.”

Even so, not all of these people are getting into debt as a desperate measure. Some want to free resources for other uses and believe they have the wherewithal to manage their debt. Others are seeking to take advantage of historically low interest rates, or they are leveraging their property to pass money to their kids, so they can perhaps buy their own homes.