Raising Your Vibrational Frequencies and Changing Your Life with Dawn James

Posted on: May 28, 2020

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This video episode talks about how you can raise your vibrational frequencies and change your life.

How to Raise the Vibrational Frequencies Within You, Around You, and Between You and Others

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Welcome to The Glass Is Half Full Talk Show. Let’s face it, life can be tough in many ways. Here on The Glass Is Half Full, we focus on how life is tough financially. Dealing with these financial realities can be a challenge. Essentially, we have to find ways to do more with less, less money, that is. The show is focused on helping you discover ways to achieve that goal, even if you don’t have a lot of money to work with. We’ll be meeting people from many different walks of life. They’ll share their stories and expertise, looking to do more with less and maintain a positive attitude while you’re doing it. Welcome to The Glass Is Half Full. Now let’s join Richard and his guest in the studio.

Richard Hi, I’m Richard Killen, welcome to The Glass Is Half Full. A program that tries to get you a better bang for your buck, sort of. Even if your bucks aren’t all that plentiful. We, today we’re going to talk about how to raise, I’m going to read this now so I don’t get it wrong, how to raise the vibrational frequencies within you, around you and between you and others. To explain why this is important we have as our guest, Dawn James. Hello Dawn, welcome to our show.
Dawn Hi, a pleasure to be here, Richard.
Richard Dawn is going to, I’m going to read this to so I get this right. Dawn is the best selling author of three books which have been translated into French, Spanish and Hindi. She’s a mentor, a music performer, and a transformational leader. She provides people with the tools and inspiration to shift the reality of their inner and outer wealth. Did I get that right?
Dawn You did.
Richard So Dawn, before we get into the vibrational frequencies, which I know you’re here to explain to us, I’d like to find out how you learned about all this? I say this. I understand that in 2003 you had a near-death experience, which seemed to be the catalyst that brought all the rest of it about. Tell the audience what happened.
Dawn Absolutely. So, Richard, you know, I had a very traditional life. I grew up in Toronto, actually, and went to school, got married, got into my career, and I kind of fast track. My whole life was a fast track. So I kind of climbed the ladder quickly in the corporate world. And, before you knew it, in my thirties, I was already a general manager of a corporation. So a lot of stress, a lot of responsibility. And a young family. I had three young kids, my husband and I. Many times we do what we’re good at, it doesn’t mean we’re doing what we are here to do. And so, at some point in my career, there was a separation between doing what I’m good at and this feeling I was missing something. As we approached the spring of 2003, I actually lost my appetite. That was the first sign I was not doing what I was supposed to do. And for a three month period, I basically did not eat, did not want food. I was not even hungry, I really lost my appetite. And towards the end of that 90 day period, I actually stopped speaking. And to help people understand my mindset, I knew I wasn’t doing the right thing, but I didn’t know what the right thing was. But I started to withdraw from everything and on that last day that I wasn’t talking, I just felt I listened to my last heartbeat. Everything just stopped. My body shut down and everything stopped. So for me, that was my first realization that there’s more to us in this physical show. And I had what most people would describe as a spiritual awakening experience, i.e. the physical self ceased to exist, and I experienced what it was to be non-physical, i.e. spiritual. That is a profound, unbelievable experience. There was no physical. Yes, whatever that the soul is, the spirit is. And at that moment I realized that there was something much bigger I had to do than my corporate day job. Two days after that experience, I quit my corporate day job, and I know we’re here to know about money and management, but yes, without a plan, I said goodbye. Click. No plan. So, yeah, I went from six digits to zero in 72 hours, but…
Richard I’ve met people that happened too, but not quite the same way you described.
Dawn It was very quick. I tend to move quickly, but the spirit moved even quicker than I used to move. And within two days, I made some major changes in my life within two days. I think sometimes when we’re not on the right path, we start getting signals. And for me, my body shut down and my appetite disappeared. I stopped speaking, and after that experience, it seems like I stopped the 40 years of being in here. I started to live in here. That was the second most profound thing that happened. This woke up. And when I refer to my heart space, I’m talking about why am I here? How do I find joy in my life? I never had joy until I woke up and I began looking for ways to enjoy life, not get the job, to get to this, to get to that we were sort of caught up in this paradigm dream of making money to have more stuff. And my spiritual wakening taught me. It’s not about the stuff we acquire. It’s about the quality of the experiences that we have while we’re here. So that was a whole different shift going on.
Richard Is it in tune with something like…
Dawn Totally.
Richard Like is far more rewarding to give than to receive?
Dawn That’s part of it. And the other part of that message is, what do you have to share with the world? What did I already have? And so I had to look at what I came here with, and how I was going to use it, as opposed to go get the degree, go get the job, go get that this, go get that and keep collecting. So my whole perspective of being here shifted in two days. So that was a short answer.
Richard That was a long one.
Dawn I know.
Richard So Dawn, what is vibrational frequencies?
Dawn So the scientific definition, and then I’m going to give you what I call my spiritual definition because there’s really, there are two messages I share in my first book. Vibrational Frequency is a measurement of how energy moves. So bio-electricity is something that we have. All living things have it. It’s electrical energy that runs through everything, ourselves, our muscles. The measurement of how that energy flows, it’s measured in something called vibrational frequency. So, for example, if I was to look at a, I’m not picking on fast food, but if you look at a hamburger, it’s pretty dead. There’s nothing living in there, right? The lettuce still isn’t in the ground, the tomatoes, not on the vine. You’re looking at this thing with no life. So this vibrational frequency is zero. If I go to a tree that has an apple, there is life, life force energy moving through that tree still connected to the apple. There is a measurement of frequency in living things. So, Bruce Tanio in the 1980s created a device that measures vibrational frequency. So we know the vibrational frequency of our heart, our spleen, our liver. We know the vibrational frequency of the brain when we’re actually awake versus when we’re asleep. All of these things now we can measure. So the flow of energy, that measurement is a vibrational frequency. On a spiritual definition or metaphysical definition, everything in your body, our bodies, are designed to flow. Everything must be flowing. If it’s not flowing, we’re going to get sick. So on a metaphysical level, how do we keep the energy flowing at an optimal rate? Not just, you know, your lungs, the lymphatic, the blood, the oxygen, but even on a conscious level, how do I stay in the flow of life? Because the moment we become stagnant or we become very stressed, and I know we talk about financial stress, but there are all sorts of stress in the world. The moment we become stressed, we actually stop the flow of energy. We get tense and so flow, having flow, is a good thing when we’re stagnant or we’re stressed, we restrict energy, which means we are attracting disease into the body. And there is a bit of a parallel, even with money.
Richard It’s a subject I know something about.
Dawn I know. Yeah.
Richard Or the absence of.
Dawn Exactly. While the absence of money causes stress, right? So what happens when we spend more than we receive?
Richard Not necessarily.
Dawn Really?
Richard Really. The absence of money causes stress only when you need the money to do something. If you don’t need money to do anything, not having it doesn’t matter.
Dawn That’s true. That’s true, which would be…
Richard One must take a little more philosophical approach to all these things. However, I’m actually digressing here.
Dawn That’s okay.
Richard Go ahead.
Dawn Yeah. So no, when we’re in the flow of life, things we’re able to manage ourselves with ease. There’s a wonderful, wonderful native scene that when we live in the giving and the receiving of life i.e. when we live in balance, stress cannot exist.
Richard Very yogaish.
Dawn Very yogaish, yes. But think about it, when we give and receive, we’re not out of balance. If I spend more money than I’m earning, I’m out of balance.
Richard Not if MasterCard lets you. I don’t want to pick on MasterCard.
Dawn I hear you. I hear you. Scratch that.
Richard We might leave it in. But given all of this, how do people make note, how do people grasp this?
Dawn Sure. So the concept, I would say is, and you know the reason why I found the courage after seven years of living this….
Richard Yes, we don’t want everybody to go through everything you went through.
Dawn No, by all means. I lived through this for seven years, and then I found the courage to start writing because I wasn’t a writer by profession. I had a very different life before 2003. My second life started 2003 and for me, I had to live it. So I’ll give you a few examples. Living a high vibration life means that I begin to pay attention to things that are positive and negative. How will it impact my life? I start to make choices based on whether this is going to be rewarding or detrimental. You start to consciously make a choice. Don’t just live as if there is no consequence. So you start to weigh things differently. And then for me, if my goal is to stay in the flow, to not have that tension, that stress and do not create drama in your life, I’m going to make very different decisions. One of the things that a lot of people relate to in my first book is the vibration of food and recognizing things that are, have frequency life and things that are dead. And paying attention to what you’re putting in your body because a lot of East Indian in Eastern philosophies say you are what you eat. So if you eat food that is dead, you’re eating death. If you look for things that are lively and alive and nutritious, then you’re putting life into your body. So that’s one way to start looking at vibration. Am I bringing things into my home that’s beneficial for me? Am I interacting with people that are positive and supportive? Am I doing things that are not going to put me in harm? So you start paying attention to your choices. That’s how you get into a high vibration life. So that’s what I’ve been teaching for almost 18 years. How to stay in that flow.
Richard It’s interesting, it’s true, among other things. Yeah, when something is true, it tends to have an interest of its own. But as an Insolvency Trustee, I run into people, not just a few, many people, who by their own admission, have developed very questionable bad habits, you might say, in the use of their credit cards, credit cards being the most…
Dawn Accessible?
Richard Everybody’s got them, let’s put it that way. So they basically get into trouble through the mismanagement of, and this is essentially something that people tend to do without a great deal of conscious thought. So I understand that you’ve already approached this problem. You have your own views on it, call it Shopping On Autopilot.
Dawn Shopping On Autopilot, yes.
Richard That’s got a nice 21st century ring to it. So, want to explain it?
Dawn Yeah, this topic is near and dear to me because, you know, to me, it’s the difference between living consciously and sleepwalking through life, literally sleepwalking. One of the things that I observe and I think a lot of viewers can relate, many times you go into the grocery store and I see this all the time, people have the shopping cart, they go down the same aisles and they pick up the same brands and they put the same brands in the buggy and they head to the cash and they don’t even look for anything new, there not checking anything new. They’re not curious. They’re not inquisitive.
Richard That’s not me by the way.
Dawn That’s not you. Okay, so you’re probably 2-1/2 hours there.
Richard My wife is always saying, come on, let’s go.
Dawn So this is what I refer to as Shopping On Autopilot, and I’m even going to say, living on autopilot, We do the things that we do because we’re used to the things that were used to do, and we don’t really deviate much, and it’s kind of like living passively. That’s the right word to say, automatically. However…
Richard It goes to being comfortable. If things are reasonably good for you. Why think about it?
Dawn Right. But if you don’t question what you’re putting in the shopping cart, like, you know, do we even look at the labels? I don’t know. Some people do. Some people don’t.
Richard Some of us have high blood pressure too.
Dawn Exactly. And so what, the phrase that I coined is, Shopping On Autopilot because we are living as if we don’t have a choice. And one of the things I learned when I died and came back, is you always have a choice. So how about we start making better choices? A quick example would be, you know we can buy processed food or we can buy fresh food. We can shop at a farmer’s market. Each one of those decisions, you are going to have a higher, lower vibrational frequency going into your body. So if we’re not aware of that, we’re going to be not healthy. But when I look at the whole premise behind it, if you truly believe you will not be happy until you’re driving that car, or you’re not going to get the guy until you wear that perfume. If you truly start believing that, then yes, you’re going to go out and buy this and buy that and buy this. So how do we reverse that? So some of those bad habits you talked about with the credit cards is, there’s a belief that we need something. Some of those beliefs are based on what we’ve been fed through the media. And that’s where I say, How do you break that chain? I mean, you’ve trained you help people break that in different ways.
Richard Yeah, but I’m one of the few people in my business who goes back far enough to actually know an era that didn’t have this overly weighted advertising, driven society. When I, I’ll tell you my story a little later.
Dawn Yeah, I’d love to hear that.
Richard When I started working, long before you were born, the business I got into was the consumer loan business. And the idea was at the time that we were the only place you could go to borrow $500. It’s called a finance company. Household finance and…
Dawn HFC. Yes. Yes, I remember those.
Richard Anyway, it was very, very effective. People would phone up and they’d say I need $500 or $1,000 for this or that. They would come in and get a loan. They would sign a contract and come in and get a loan. But in the process of doing that, what they had to do is they knew they were going to have to show up and convince me to approve the loan. So they had to sell it, sell the idea that I should lend them the money. Before they could do that, they had to sell it to themself. They have to justify it in their own mind, so they could prove it to me. I wasn’t onerous. In fact, I was willing. I was there to do that. I wasn’t going to say no. I was going to kind of default to yes, unless otherwise right. But then along came credit cards. And credit cards totally removed that little process where they had to justify to themself.
Dawn I see.
Richard From that moment on, you have today’s world. Exacerbated now by online lenders.
Dawn It’s totally changed. I didn’t realize that there was a precursor to that because it’s unfortunate.
Richard It’s in my book.
Dawn Okay, great. Because I need a copy.
Richard I will give you one.
Dawn Thank you. I’m a readaholic. That’s amazing.
Richard But if there’s one major thought or message you would give somebody from your visit today, what would it be?
Dawn If I had to give one message, I would say, in order to change our behaviors, we have to start looking at what we truly value in life and what we truly believe about ourselves. I’m a firm believer that if you begin to change your inner dialogue and recognize you are rich, you have what you need. You came here fully loaded. If you start to believe that you’re not incomplete, you’re going to have less attraction to shop till you drop. That is going to not be important to you because I went through it. And so when you start owning your own value, your own worth you start feeling good about what you already have. All this stuff becomes less important to you. So my message which is the first sentence I heard when I opened my eyes and I came back to life, was all you need is within you. All you truly need is within you. Let’s start owning that message, looking at what we already have so that we’re not so attached to external stuff. That, guess what? You can’t take it with you. What you take with you is in here.

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