A Licensed Insolvency Trustee provides bankruptcy services that can help you navigate the legal process should you be considering declaring bankruptcy in Ontario.

Claiming personal bankruptcy is one of the options available to you through an Ontario Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Usually bankruptcy is the last option to be considered however it may be the most appropriate option for you depending on your financial situation and circumstances.

Unlike other debt counseling services or consolidation loan companies, a licensed trustee is the only person that can provide you with all the options and all legal consequences to consider before making your decision.

If you’re in a situation where the your monthly financial obligations exceed your earnings and there is no hope in gaining the upper hand on your debt, then declaring personal bankruptcy could be your best option.

What Is A Bankruptcy in Ontario?

Bankruptcy is a legal process where an Ontario Court releases you from your debts after you have completed certain duties. During the process you will receive financial counselling and you may have to make some payments to a trustee.

Its purpose is to give individuals hopelessly burdened with debt a “fresh start”. The good news is that once the process begins wage garnishments cease, interest stops accumulating, creditors and collection agencies stop calling immediately.

Let’s face it, no one wants to consider this option. Your stomach is probably in knots considering bankruptcy however look at the alternative. Can you continue to have sleepless nights and spend your days stressing out about how to get out of this situation? Is this financial crisis starting to affect your personal relationships and how well you perform at work?

You’re a good person and you want to make good on your debt. However, you know deep inside that if you continue on the same path your debt will only grow larger and larger.

At Richard Killen & Associates we understand your situation and have helped thousands of good people like you that have found themselves in financial crisis. We realize that good people make mistakes or sometimes get hit with unexpected expenses that push them over the edge financially.

Our staff understands your situation and knows that it takes a lot to pick up the phone and make the call to set up the initial consultation. We make every effort to make you feel as comfortable as possible. There is no cost for your initial consultation and we can set up after hours meetings for your convenience.

Making the call to our offices could be the most stress relieving call you will ever make!

To learn more, about bankruptcy services and declaring bankruptcy in Ontario, please contact Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Richard Killen & Associates through one of our offices across the Greater Toronto Area.

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